I was amazed at his courage.

We won't stand a chance.

Daren wanted me to visit him.

I've never had a friend quite like you.

I am fond of Cathy.

You can't take it with you.

If the comet nucleus is pulled into an orbit which carries it close to the Sun, the solar heat will cause the outer layers of the icy nucleus to evaporate.

I saw you give it to him.

I thought I told you to stay in the car.

We've come home.

It doesn't have any significance.

Should we use genetic engineering on people?


Playing cards is a hobby.

They're dancing.

I plan to hire someone who can speak English.

This car is not so nice as that one.

I'm better now.

Her calm judgement ensured us from accidents.

Why did Kuldip stop working here?

I'm very happy Siegurd and Kay are safe.

He's so perfect.

Cindie soon realized with horror the serious error he had made.

She was hit by a car.

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It's a plan to implement.

My father told me about this place.

I spoke so loudly as to be heard by everyone.

We went to the park for a walk.

What happened in the meeting?


I'm afraid of death.

What time are you used to going to bed?

I feel like everybody's watching me.


I'm not sure what's wrong with her.

The possibility of a lack of connection between the events can be dismissed immediately.

Do they have a bicycle?

How many credits is this course?

They get a great deal of snow in Hokkaido.

Books for young people sell well these days.

Do you have any plans for the summer vacation?

I'll be working as your assistant.

Gabriel wasn't scared of anything.

I wish I could help you, but I can't stay any longer.

I have a blue car.

Colin and I hang out together sometimes.

The workers came to ask about their pay raises.

Kristian decided to major in French.

Bad drivers should have their licenses taken away from them.

The judges' decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Unfortunately, I don't have time today.

What did she say?

I assume you don't want go swimming with us.

Let's go someplace warm.

He is an authority on criminal law.

I thought Saad would want to meet my family.

She had a bad tooth taken out.

I'm playing with my cat.

I'm allergic to corn.

I want to see what there is inside.

I wouldn't bet on that horse if I were you.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Forgive everyone, forget nothing.

I love garlic.

I thought you might come.

There's a lot of chit-chat.

Sofia isn't outgoing.


Erm, may I stay here?

It's time.

I'm going to have breakfast with Kanthan tomorrow.

Paper is white; carbon is black.

She is a natural musician.

Liz promised he'd help us on Monday.

What'll they do to you?

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You'll end up in the hospital.


You have very piercing eyes.


It's probably going to rain.


I'll call the chef.


Hey, come here!


All the lights were on.

"I want that book", he said to himself.

We are correcting spelling mistakes.

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Would you like to take a crack at the job?


Victor isn't as old as you think he is.

Daryl grabbed Tait by the hand.

I'm sure Rudolf hasn't forgotten his promise.

How are you today, my brother?

Kaj leaned towards Debbie.

I found the room empty.

I don't want to let him down.

I can't even walk, let alone run.

Promises are things that must be kept.


I can't work with him.

I've visited my father's grave.

Laurie can't afford to be choosy.

Who got nominated?

Giovanni's not fat.

We'll need it.

Should anything arise, she will be prepared for it.

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A-ha-ha-ha! What a blunder!


We're going to see Mikael.

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Ji is very thin.


Could you please give me back my key?

You are still sick. You have to stay in bed.

Would you mind telling me who you're waiting for?

Saudi women are not permitted to leave their country alone.

It just wouldn't be right.

How's your job?

Jock backed his car out of the garage.


If Roxanne goes, I'll go, too.

The Sun is in the center of the solar system.

Everything in her room is small.

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That way I kill two birds with one stone.

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The prisoners would have to go through yet one more hardship.


They are dancing.

I have to do a lot of things.

He has big problems.

What can you tell us about Boston?

Doyle sat in the car with a policeman on either side of him.

You used to like me, didn't you?

Well... he's gone to a better place now.


Some good-for-nothing at this gutter paper here, spread this mare's nest.

This land yields a good crop of rice.

They sympathized with the miserable criminal.

We have a lot of ground to cover.

You can have it for nothing.

I guess this has happened a few times.

Morton looks amazing.

Do you remember what you said to me?

Her application to join the party was rejected.

Toby plugged his music player into his computer.

Stewart is very busy now.

If you try to find me, I will find you.

Let me talk to him first.


I wish that I could speak French better.


If you tried, you could save even more.

She could not help bursting into tears.

My joke went over very well.

Carol likes both Elizabeth and Alice and can't decide who to ask to the dance this weekend.

Everyone noticed that.

This rule applies to all cases.

I know who your secret admirer is.

I'm amazed I'm not dead.

Why are you calling us?

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Christmas always moves me.

You could do so much better.

It keeps happening.


Did Elliot really tell you that?

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They come by train there.

With whom were you speaking?

We're done for the day.

Jeannie and Eva started kissing each other as soon as the light was turned off.

A great ship asks deep waters.

He had a strange dream last night.

We went to the park, and we played there.

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This book will give you great pleasure.


He is ruthless.

When I moved into my new home, I just brought with me the things that I needed for cooking, an earthen rice cooker, an earthenware pot and an earthen charcoal brazier.

Cristi could be hurt.

We can't give you any more details at this time.

I assume you know who did this.

Why do you consider that incident important?

Do you mind if I join your trip to the country?

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We cannot depend on this report.


She is much afraid of dogs.

Just promise me that you won't do anything stupid.

I defy you to make it public.

When was the last time you wore your earrings?

Duncan made me look through his photo album.

Lukas is unimaginative, isn't he?

The boy bowed to me.